Career Profile: Computer Repair Man

Career Profile: Computer Repair Man

Computer repairing can be an attractive full time or part-time job. This is because the personal computer or PC is such a common commodity. Almost every modern office or household has at least one PC.

A repair man can work from a shop or be on the move to the client’s place. If the client requires the repair man to come down, a repair man either charge the client by hour or by the number of trips incurred. The market rate varies from region to region.

As a computer repair man, one must be well verse in the setup and anatomy of a personal computer. He must be able to troubleshoot and find a way to fix the problem that the computer is having.

As computers are constantly evolving, a repairman must be able to keep abreast with the latest trend and development in the computer and IT field.

Many computer repair are self-employed or work in a team with other repair persons.

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