Career Profile: Bar Tender

Career Profile: Bar Tender

This job is surrounded by alcoholic drinks. The Career Profile of the Bar Tender will be described in this article. He works in a hotel, club or pub, mixing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks according to customers’ orders.

His job includes stocking and setting up the bar daily, taking orders and payments, mixing and garnishing drinks and cocktails, concocting his own cocktails, operating automated beverage dispensers and blenders, ensuring consistency in the quality of drinks, as well as dealing with difficult or intoxicated customers.

He must be patient in dealing with difficult customers, and creative in coming up with his own concoctions.

A bartender usually possesses a Certificate in Food and Beverage Operations or a Diploma in Hotel Management. With experience, he may be promoted to Head Bartender, Assistant Bar Manager or Bar Manager.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting job profile. I always have the impression that being a bar tender is quite cool, especially with the tricks with the bottle juggling.

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