Career Profile: Astrologer

Career Profile: Astrologer

The Career Profile of the Astrologer will be described in this article. An Astrologer is an expert consultant in astrology.

There are many branches of Astrology. The more popular ones are:

1. Western Astrology. This one is mainly based on the Western Calender. The Western Astrology can assess a person’s personality and potential occurences using the Birth Chart and the Progress Chart.

2. Chinese Astrology. The one is mainly based on the Chinese Lunar Calender. There are several branch of which the more established ones are Zi Wei Dou Shu and 4-Pillars.

3. Indian Astrology. This is based on an Indian method of calculation.

An astrologer provides consultation to paid clients. Astrological Courses are not found within the typical educational institutes. More often than not, the person inspiring to be an Astrologer need to seek out specialised Astrology-related courses. Some of the correspondent astrology courses include:

1. Terry Lamp’s Astrology course

2. Aquarius Severn

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