Career Profile: Estate Agent

Career Profile: Estate Agent

This is the career profile and information for the Estate Agent. Estate agents are also known as Real Estate agents. What is Real estate? Basically is a label and terminology referring to and including land and the corresponding properties that are permanently affixed to it. Properties typically include buildings.

An Estate agent is responsible for the management, letting and sales of any kind of real estate property. These may include properties such as offices, factories, houses, living apartments and even farms.

There are 2 main types of estate agent:

  • Residential estate agents. They deal with the marketing and selling of residental properties. Their clients are mainly homeowners.
  • Commercial estate agents specialises in dealing with office spaces and commercial buildings.

Typically, an estate agent is engaged for the marketing of properties that are available for sale. It differs from the role of the Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer whose task is to prepare the necessary legal documents.

The job scope of the estate agents includes:

  • assisting the clients finding a new home or building
  • assisting owners in selling their home or properties at a reasonable price.

Becoming a real estate agent is not easy. This is a competitive field. To be successful, one must be enthusiastic and be very communicative. Of course, sales ability is a must for real estate line.

The incomes of a real estate agent can be rewarding, but the competition is also harsh. Some agents are paid on a flat fee basis by their company, while others earn from a commission basis.  Some real estate agents can get very rich.

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  1. Estate agents can be VERY RICH. This is one job that can make you a lot of money.

    But you must be aggressive in the sales and most also be able to win the trust of clients and customers.

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