Career Profile: Divorce Mediator

Career Profile: Divorce Mediator

Divorce is the final dissolution of a marriage between a husband and wife. It is often a difficult and stressful time. More often than not, there are things to settle from the separation.

The aim of the divorce mediator is to assist the couple to sort out and agree on how to divide their assets, properties and custody arrangement of the children. The divorce mediator works with both the husband and the wife.

Most Divorce Mediator have professional education and training in social work and law. Psychology is also an important aspect of this profession. Personality-wise, these professionals must be cool and level-headed as they are often working with clients that are going through a lot of stress and difficulties.

Possible place of employment are Mediation Centres and Law Offices. The Mediation centres can be either privately owned or government-run.

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  1. That’s a lot of education to deal with such a stressful career. Who wakes up one day and thinks, “I wanna deal with screaming couples and custody battles?”

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