Career Profile: Clown

Career Profile: Clown

Everybody know how a clown looks like. But the job is not as easy as it seems.

A Clown is a professional entertainer. He or she has to put on lots of make-up and dress very fancifully that hide the true person’s face.

Where are the possible specializations for ‘clowning’ ? There are several:

1. Storytelling clown
2. Balloon artist
3. Store or restaurant mascot
4. Pamphlet distributor

Where to find Clown-related training? Well, for a start one can look for clown schools and workshops. The key quality for being a clown is the ability and talent for entertaining people. Also personality-wise, one should be outgoing and love to interact with lots of people.

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  1. My wife often tells my that I could be a clown… But this is one of the toughest things to do. You have to be everyone and to be skilled at almost anything. Being a clown is being real artist.

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