Career Profile: Talent Scout

Career Profile: Talent Scout

Even creative talents and artistes need someone to promote their skills and talents.

Talent Scouts are representatives for talents. These talents include creatives and artistes such as writers, models, actors, athletes and other talent-based careers.

Talent Scouts seek out potential clients and then intensively promote them to broadcasting companies, advertising firms and other relevant channels of employment.

Where do talent scouts work in? Most of them work in talent agencies. Sometimes, agents do not just promote individuals. Instead, they promote a team package. For example, they must deploy a script writer, actor and director as a package to prospective production studios.

As talent scouting is a very niche profession, there are not much places for formal training. Typically, an effective way of entering this trade is through internship.

Nevertheless, courses that are of relevance to this profession includes business, accounting and mathematics. Skill-wise, the ability to negotiate is very important. Of course an eye for talent is needed. Personality wise, you will also need outgoing and love interacting with potential clients.

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