Career Profile: Paleontologist

Career Profile: Paleontologist

Dinosaurs are one of those creatures that never fail to capture the awe and imagination of us Human Beings. Perhaps it is their sheer size. Perhaps it is the ferocious appearance of some of their carnivorous members such as T-rex (Tyrannosaurus) and spinosaurus. No wonder, the meaning of the word Dinosaur is “terrible lizard”. Whatever the reasons, dinosaurs are certainly fascinating monsters.

Generally speaking, Dinosaurs are a vast group of ancient reptiles of the clade Dinosauria. The modern day relatives of Dinosaurs are probably creatures such as crocodiles.

Do you like dinosaurs? Do you watch Jurassic Fight Club? Are you a person who is curious with a scientific mind. Well, there is an interesting career if you are all of the above. The career is known as Paleontology.

Paleontologists study the ancient and prehistoric history of the Planet Earth. Paleontology has many subbranches. For example, the study of fossil plants is known as Paleobotany. The study of vertebrate fossils is known as Vertebrate Paleontology. These are certainly very specialised branches of science.

The job often involves the finding and excavation of fossils. So this is definitely not just a desk bound scientific career. At times, you will need to be working on the ground.

There are only a small handful of Paleontologist in the world. Therefore although the work may be very interesting, demand for it is very low.

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  1. Hi my name is caide Jeff and I always wanted to be a paleontologist because of my amazing knowledge of dinosaurs even though i am 17 yrs old i am still thinking of being a paleontologist

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