Career Profile: Banquet Waiter

Career Profile: Banquet Waiter

A Banqueting waiter is often employed on a part time or freelance basis. However, senior positions within this career may be employed full time or as regulars. This is a kind of job within the Hospitality Industry. What is a Banquet? It is a sizeable feast (usually a dinner) served for purposes such celebration or ceremony.

Formal qualification is usually not required for this work. The job of such a waiter is to serve dishes during a Banquet. What is a Banquet? It is a large meal where many people are invited to that is served with main courses and desserts. A banquet often is a kind of social event for gathering, celebration or ceremony. Such an event maybe held in a hotel or restaurant.

Waiters are often required to serve dishes in the midst of lavish ambience and music. Usually the overall in-charge of a Banquet is the Banqueting Manager. Waiters and other positions such as Porters may be under the charge of the manager.

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