Career Profile: Receptionist

Career Profile: Receptionist

When one think of how a Receptionist should be, a presentable lady usually comes to mind.

A receptionist is usually stationed at a receiving area such as a lobby or front office desk of an organization. More often than not, this is a female-inclined job. She is typically employed by an organization to greet any incoming visitors, guest or clients.

The job scope of a receptionist may include any of the followings:

  • answering phone calls and enquiries. If needed be, also required to take down messages
  • keeping the reception counter neat and presentable
  • providing and serving refreshments for guests
  • receiving visitors, guests and re-directing them to the correct person or department

The job scope varies, depending on the size, location and type of organisation that she is working in.

Personality-wise, a receptionist must have a reasonably good command of the spoken language. She should also have a pleasant and amiable personality. This job does require a good deal of patience and tolerance, especially when dealing with potentially unpleasant visitors.

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