Career Profile: Piano Tuner

Career Profile: Piano Tuner

This is the career profile and information for Piano Tuner.

What is a Piano? It is a large musical instrument. Music are created through a long keyboard that produces sound by striking steel strings with felt hammers.

The job scope of a Piano Tuner involves:
1. Discover any problem with the Piano’s tune and rectify it.
2. Tune a piano evenly throughout the scale

There are courses relevant to Piano Tuning. Many countries have Piano Tuner’s associations. Course informations may be available there. To get the job as a Piano Tuner, one can apply directly to repair shops, piano and organ dealers.

Personality-wise, a Piano Tuner should have some musical background. This is not essential, but good to possess. Patience is an important quality for the job. Additionally, a piano tuner should have the skills in woodworking, DIY and home improvement. He should be a person who love to repair and fix stuffs.

A Piano Tuner is often required to work in people’s home where the pianos are. Occasionally, they have to work in schools and churches too.  In large stores and repair shops, a Piano Tuner can advance to supervisory positions.

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