Home Business: Virtual Assistant

Home Business: Virtual Assistant

Are you good with performing adminstrative tasks?

A Virtual Assistant performs administrative tasks for the clients. Who are the clients? Typically, they are professionals and business people who are too busy to manage all the administrative works by themselves. These people are often doctors, lawyers, speakers and consultants.

To be a Virtual Assistant, one needs to be efficient, resourceful and be able to solve problems. Also good communication skill is well sought of too.

The job scope of the VA can be quite varied, and it largely depends on the client’s profession and requirements. The works can include any of the following:

  • writing documents and proposals
  • coordinating with clients’ customer
  • doing research
  • dealing with databases
  • maintaining records

There are multiple ways to find clients. One can use networking or through referrals to source for potential clients. Alternatively, one should also explore signing up for projects and job finding networks and online websites such as elance.com.

As a kind of home business, Virtual Assistants often charge his or her work by the hour. The start-up cost in running a Virtual Assistant home-based business is fairly low. The hours can be quite flexible. But do expect some pressures from client deadlines and demands.

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