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Supporting Creative and Sustainable Living …

Job Lense is a site dedicated to providing useful, up-to-date online references pertaining to sustainable, holistic living and creative endeavours, jobs and careers.

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Additionally, as of this writing, the COVID Pandemic is forcing many to Work from Home aka WFH. The world is changing. The old way is making way for the new ones.

You can use this site to expand and broaden your sustainable living and creative career perspective and scope. We try our best to provide relevant information pertaining to the wellbeing of the collective inhabitants of our beloved Planet.    Here’s you will also find information and profiles on perspective expansion, ethical living as well as careers that are not common but are nevertheless viable ways of earning a living.

This is an ever expanding site with new articles related to the collective betterment of the world which includes ‘earning a living’ in a sustainable and symbiotic manner.

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