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Career Profile: Auditor

How is the career profile like for an Auditor? Well, basically an Auditor’s role lies in the systematic evaluation and review of an organisation’s or firm’s accounting records. As a conventional job, auditing is one of the more rapidly growing one.

Basically, there a two main branch of Audits:

1. Internal Auditing

2. External Auditing

Internal Auditing consists of four main process: 1) Subsystem Audit. 2) Management and operational Audit. 3) internal audit project-based participation. 4. Management of Audit systems

Internal Auditors may be call upon to evaluate an organisation’s performance and inform the management about breaches if there are any.

External Auditing process includes 1) statutory audit. 2) management of auditing activities. 3) Consultation.

The qualities essential to auditors include having a sharp and investigative sense for details and inconsistencies.

Auditors will need to have qualification/s in Accounting.


  1. Auditing expert Auditing expert

    Auditing is a king’s job. These guys get paid for inspecting and finding faults in peoples’ working system.

    An auditor is like a paid critic.

  2. Roy Roy

    In this god awful state of economy, having a good paying job is a blessing already.

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