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Career Profile: Conference Organiser

As the name implies, the Conference Organiser organises conferences, seminars and related events. What is a conference? It is a meeting of people for the discussion, consultation and sharing of information pertaining to the topic or agenda of the meet. Such a meeting is pre-arranged.

This job position is often found within the educational institutions, hotel industry, charity organisations and professional conference managing companies.

Ability-wise, the conference organiser must have good administrative skills. The person therefore may need to be fairly organised. In addition to that, good communicative ability is also required. This is because they may need to communicate with clients with regards to their requirements. Additionally, he or she is often required to converse and coordinate with different groups of people.

Because conferences and seminars are pre-arranged, they have to be planned in advance. As a Conference Organiser, one may need to interact with others people such as master of ceremonies (MC), Floor managers, food caterers, volunteers, etc.

You might have to deal with stuffs such as registration, scheduling, timekeeping, arranging insurance covers, speaker changeover, conference slides, preparing delegate papers and etc. Training for this career is typically on-the-job basis.

Because of the nature of this administrative-based job, the conference organiser must be willing to work at irregular hours at times.