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Career Profile: Curator

Curators administer matters pertaining to museums. Although quite administrative in nature, this career can be considered as a kind of artistic job as well. The work often requires the conducting of research programs.

Curators are the ones who plan and manage the collection, storage and acquisition of materials for exhibitions within the museum. But the job is more than that. Curators may also needed to organise events and workshops for the museum that they are in charge of.

The experience in managing financial resources is an important skill for this job. Additionally the ability to write well is also highly valued in this profession. Depending on the type of museum that one is working in, educational qualification in Art History may be deem important. This is moreso in Museums dealing with art collections and pieces.


  1. Thomas Wong Wing Man Thomas Wong Wing Man

    Hi, I like visit museum (history, paintings, chinese calligraphy), 38yr old, now working in banking IT industry for 10+yrs. Having Master Degreeen in Finance and IT. My habit is reading books on history, chinese philosophy/literature and practicing chinese caligraphy and paining…. pondering to change to a job that fit my artistic interests. This one interests me a lot, but I only have passion, not much experience! Can I have a try?

  2. Jess Jess

    Thanks alot this has been really useful. I am ddeciding what to do after a history degree and this sounds amazing. I am really grateful of this help. Thanks again.

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