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Career Profile: Librarian

There is a place where vast amount of information may be assessed. No, I am not talking about the Internet. I am referring to the Library. It is a collection of information resources in printed or electronic form that can be borrowed for a period of time.

The roles and responsibilities of the Librarian involves carrying out various functions pertaining to the operations of a library.

These various functions includes acquisition of books and resources. Tasks such as cataloging, circulating and organising library materials are part and parcel of the job.

Often, the responsibility of the librarian goes beyond physical acquisitions. They may be required to perform research work, develop library-related policies and procedures. Additionally, Librarians may also be called upon to develop and deliver programs and activities for the library.

With the advent of internet and digital technology, librarians are also called upon to work with digital and on-line assets such as electronic publications.

There are various places that a librarian may be employed. This includes public libraries, museums, schools, college and universities. Many colleges, institutes and universities maintain their own collections of book and publications.

As for qualification, having the relevant degree in Library and Information Science is advantageous. Clerical studies are also of relevance.

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    This is a job for book worms.

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