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Career Profile: Secretary

A secretary is a part of the management team. More often than not a secretary is a woman. She can be working for several peoples of managerial positions. Very often, a secretary is stationed close to the boss’s office.

Work scope of a secretary is very varied. She must be first and foremost an administrator. She also acts as the organiser, travel planner, meeting minutes taker for the boss. She may also have to be well versed with typing and shorthand writing. As the modern-day office is largely computer desktop based, she must also be familiar with office, spreadsheet and word processing software program. Secretaries are required to handle business documents, letters and reports. In a nutshell, a secretary typically serves as an administrative assistant for bosses. Secretary should be patient with good administrative skills.

A secretary may need to assume responsibility without the direct supervision of the boss. Secretary jobs are often posted on newspapers and online classified ads.

As for training to be a secretary, there are some secretarial courses. These include Secretary Diplomas which often cover subjects such as Text Production, Business Administration and Practice, English language usage for Business.

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  1. Roy Roy

    Some male bosses prefer young and pretty secretaries. Easy on the eye…

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