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Career Profile: Shipping Clerk

The job scope of the shipping clerk mainly involves the verification and recordings of incoming and outgoing shipments. This job may include preparing items and goods for the shipment.

As this is an administrative career, a shipping clerk must be organised and systematic. He or she should be competent in administrations. Having a good memory may also be advantageous for this job. A shipping clerk should be comfortable with some routine as well as the periodic hectic moments. Good communication skills, both written and oral may be required.

Typically, on-the-job training may be given to familiarise a new shipping clerk. Tertiary educational qualification is not a must for entry into this line of work. However, many employers expect the shipping clerk to have good computer knowledge in software programs such as Word and Excel.

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  1. Arull Ponto Arull Ponto

    A Shipping clerk fills a very vital role in a company that deals with logistics.

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