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Career Profile: Architect

Architects are designers of buildings and large structures. This career is among one of the best paid artistic jobs.

This article talks about the career profile of the Architect. He oversees the entire process of a building project, from the designing to execution to the finished product.

His job includes:

-preparing architectural drawings which complies with rules and regulations set by authorities

-specifying materials to be used

-advising his clients on which contractors or engineers to engage

-obtaining approval from the relevant building authorities

-conduct regular inspection to the site to ensure that the job complies with building regulations

-ensure that the completed project complies with building laws and the initial design intent

-work within the time, budget and other contractual terms as agreed upon with his client

An architect must be creative and able to communicate his ideas to his clients. He must provide professional advice to his client whilst adhering to the client’s need and wants. He must be able to work independently as well as be able to work as a team/ team leader.

A Degree in Architecture from a recognized university will be most preferred for this job.

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  1. Roy Roy

    Famous architects include people like Norman Foster and Iam Peh.

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