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Career Profile: Cartoonist

Comics can be addressing a large range of audience types. It is not just targeting at kids. There are also varied styles of comic artworks. Some go for the cartoony look, while other can have a kind of realism.

Do you like comics? Can you draw cartoon characters very well?

The career of the Cartoonist is a creative one. Basically, a cartoonist is an artist who draws cartoons. The cartoons are often for animations.

For the career, of course one must be good at drawing. One must have a strong interest and passion in creative drawing and artworks. Qualifications in graphic or multimedia course are very useful. As a cartoonist, one is required to develop concepts and ideas for cartoons, animations or comic strips.

OK, let a real Cartoonist do the talking. Here’s the video.

Hope that this is helpful.


  1. I was drawing a lot in my early days. Now I have no time for this, just like everyone else. I need to work to give my children home, security and food. That is the reality we live in.

  2. Stephen Black Stephen Black

    That’s ridiculous, there are many people out there who make a living working for DC or Marvel. Just because you weren’t able to take your art into a career doesn’t mean others can’t.

  3. Danielle Danielle

    Hi i am 19 years old & currently unemployed, however i am doing a floristry level 2 course, i come from Northfield Birmingham in the West Midlands, i was just wondering if there’s any websites or tips you could give me to become a cartoonist or anything to do with art really. There always seems to be these type of jobs in London but not Birmingham, please help!

    Thanks Danielle.

  4. I am working on a class project where I have to find a job that I can do right after High School to see how life is without college experiance. I love cartoons and draw them often and want to know if this is some thing I can do without college. Also how much will I be paid for this is also a required to know so please answer somewhat quickly. Thanks!?

  5. I am an artist. I have sold arts and crafts but did not focus on making it a business before but now I want to make it a career and I don’t know how to get in and this is helpful. I’d love to draw for a strip or even have my own. I’d like tips on where to start.

  6. Hey! Im currently 14 years old and im doing the Big Six project in 8th grade 🙂 this is a perfectoo career for a right brained girl 😀 (hope right brained is creative ^_^) and when i get outta high school, this is my career choice BABY!! :))

  7. Trevor Trevor

    Well, I don’t have experience in the field professionally, but I did practice drawing, HARD, for a few years. I would say either interning with one or more studios, if you can get in, would help someone work out where they might want to start, to get their feet wet. At some point you probably will have to decide where you want to stick with it, company wise. I was offered an internship in trade school when pursuing carpentry, but decided to turn it down since at that point, I was trying to find something more puzzle or mechanically oriented, which I find has a beauty in of itself. Two good examples: Mission Impossible and Sherlock Holmes. I don’t intend to do undercover work or anything,but I like a challenge, and I like it gritty.

    College can be helpful if you feel you’re progressing with developing your skill. Maybe start at a community college or a small art studio somewhere, then enter a four year if you feel that would help, from the reviews and what they turn out in terms of student successes. But always, even if they didn’t turn out the next Davinci from that school, that doesn’t mean it can’t be that for you. Not to get too mushy or anything.

    As I said, I’m turning more to the technical sector, so this won’t be for me. But good luck! And keep trying!

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