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Career Profile: Concept Artist

A Concept artist is an expert that draws concept art. What is Concept art? It is a kind of illustration meant to convey a visual representation of an idea. Most of these concepts are for use in video games, movies, animation.

One type of Concept artist is the character designer. A character designer creates character for films or video games. Two common domains or genre that concept artists are employed are in fantasy and science fiction based projects.

Some concept artists can get famous as well.

To get into this industry or career, exceptional artistic and drawing skill are required. The ability to do digital painting is also very important. Many professional concept artist hang around websites such as CGHUB. So it is a good idea to make your presence known in places where people seek out such artists.

Here is an inspiring video about a Concept Artist Randall

Relevant knowledge in 2D drawing and painting software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Painter is important as well.

In another word, a good portfolio is essential. Many concept artists come from other but related background such as industrial design.