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Career Profile: Conservator

Conservator is quite a niched profession. This article describes the career profile of a Conservator. Conservation is the restoration and preservation of art pieces and works. This includes restoring old books, sculptures, historic artifacts, manuscripts and paintings to their former glory. Conservators’ task mainly deals with the restoration of historic properties. They are usually hired by big libraries and museums.

Qualities suitable for this line of work includes:

  1. being scientific. Having an investigative interest.
  2. having a flair for improving and touching up things.
  3. meticulous attention to details
  4. artistic sense and knowledge.

Besides working for museums and organisations, many conservators work in the private sectors. These group often work alone or with another partner.

Well, in a nut shell, this is the typical career profile for the conservator.

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  1. Benny Benny

    I have never heard about this profession before. Thanks for informing.

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