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Career Profile: Creative Director

This article talks about the job and career profile of the Creative Director. He manages and motivates an advertising creative team and is responsible for all creative output of the agency. He must produce creative and effective solutions which satisfies both his client and his organization.

A passion in design and art, as well as a creative streak is most preferred by a Creative Director. He must be able to communicate his ideas via typography, photography, layout principles and media production technology. He must also keep abreast of marketing communications and the changes in advertising trends to excel in his field.

A downside would be long and irregular hours of work under pressure. However, this would not be an impediment if one is passionate about his job.

The entry requirements would be a Degree in any discipline, preferably in Graphic Design, Fine Art or Advertising, and at least 5-10 years of experience in an advertising managerial position. A strong portfolio as proof of track record would be most beneficial.