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Career Profile: Exhibition Designer

Exhibition spaces need to be well designed in order to attractive more visitors. The job profile of the Exhibition Designer is illustrated in this post.

Exhibition design is the creative process of generating design concepts and overseeing the production for exhibitions.
An exhibition designer is a creative person who designs or chooses props, exhibition structure, display stands and fixtures for exhibition-related events. These events includes trade shows, public exhibitions, seminars, galleries and conferences.

Basically, the job scope of an exhibition designer may include:

  • Ideate and conceptualise design concepts
  • Dealing and coordinating with clients and suppliers
  • Overseeing the setting up of the exhibit.

Many exhibition designers have background in interior, architectural or industrial design. Therefore many of them have qualifications in Interior, architectural or industrial design as well.

Personality-wise, an exhibition designer should be creative. This can be a demanding field. The designer must have strong determination as well.