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Career Profile: Fashion Designer

Fashion to human beings is like what are colorful feathers and finnage to birds of paradise. What stands us apart (from other beings) is that we can change our clothes and outer coverage with ease.

What does a Fashion Designer do? The job of a Fashion Designer is not just to make dresses. He or she is required to come up with new clothing and apparel creations. Fashion and apparel design entails the activities related to the development and production of apparel items for children, teens, men and women. This may involve in-depth experimentation in the areas of textile and tailoring ideas.

As a fashion designer, one have to be creative and be imbued with a flair for fine aesthetic sense. The designer need to have strong understandings in the following areas:

1. Apparel Design
2. tailoring and textile fundamentals
3. fashion retail management knowledge
4. apparel manufacturing process

A Fashion designer may have to undergo the relevant training and courses in Apparel and Fashion Design. Such courses are often pitched at the diploma or degree level. More career information may be found in institute and schools that carry these courses.


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    what schools are there for this career?

  2. rachell rachell

    do you have to be really good to get a decent sallary? or do you get a lot even if you’re not that famous?? 😛

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