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Career Profile: Floral Designer

A Floral designers arranges real and artificial flowers for a living. This is an artistic career.

The job often require the designer to make bouquets, wreaths, wedding decorations and other floral-related stuffs. As a floral designer, one must be familiar with different types of flowers and plants.

As this is an artistic career, courses in arts and business subjects are helpful and beneficial. One ideally should have an interest in flowers as well. Most floral designers learn their stuff while on the job. Many of them take about 2 years to be experienced.

Alternatively, there are also flower arrangement courses that one can attend. Often such courses are taught by experienced Floral Designers or Florists.

The best way to get the job is to apply directly to flower shops. Occasionally newspaper and online ads may have such openings as well.

Many of such designers work in flower shops. They typically work on orders placed by customers. With experience, a floral designer may become a manager. Some designers even become self-employed and run their own floral shop.

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  1. Danielle Danielle

    Hi i am 19 years old & currently unemployed but i am doing level 2 in floristry, i have also done voluntary work in a florist, i passed level 1, however all of this doesn’t seem to have got me anywhere have you got any tips?


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