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Career Profile: Furniture Designer

This is the job description of the Furniture Designer.

Design is an indispensable part of modern lifestyle and living. You basically cannot live without products. Furniture design is really a subset of product design.

Many furniture designers have training background either in Product Design, Industrial Design or Interior Design. Often they have a degree or diploma in one of the above-mention courses.

While on the job, they have to be creative with a fine sense for aesthetics. They also need to have a good understanding of ergonomics as well as material and manufacturing processes. What is ergonomic? It is the discipline pertaining to designing objects and products that fit and interface with the human body.

A person inspiring to be a furniture designer should have good visualization ability. He or she should have good artistic ability as well.

Some furniture designers even achieve cult and celebrity status. Famous furniture designers include big names like Karim Rashid and Jasper Morrison.


  1. Ricky Ricky

    Yeah… I agree that some furniture designer have experience in interior design.

    The furniture designer from industrial design background tends to be different from those who are from interior background.

    I think, this is due to the differences in trainings.

  2. […] The job may include helping the customer to choose the right type of fabric and material for the upholstering. The entire work involves stripping the furniture to the wooden frame. Next, they will do the task of preparing and repairing the structure. This is followed by putting the new cover over the original furniture. This profession is loosely related to furniture design. […]

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