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Career Profile: Interior Designer

The forms, functions and ideas for interior spaces are the forte of Interior Designers.

This article talks about the career profile of the Interior Designer. He or she is responsible for the design of a space, both functionally and aesthetically.

He generates ideas through illustrations based on a design concept. He is more professional than the usual artist because his work is not just for pure look. The works have a functional purpose as well. He is able to extend his senses to the surroundings and pick up ideas from even the simplest forms.

Interior designing, like most jobs, requires one to have good interpersonal and communication skills so that they can communicate their ideas to their clients, and later on, communicate their design concepts to the users of the space they designed.

To become an interior designer, a certificate, diploma or degree in a related field would be required, along with operational skills of design softwares such as AutoCAD, 3DVIZ, Max, etc etc. You will need strong stamina as the job requires you to see your projects through from the beginning to the very end.