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Career Profile: Landscape Architect

This article talks about the career profile of the Landscape Architect. The dream of a landscape architect is to be able to come up with sustainable designs that project the best visual and functional quality in both the built and natural landscape. This can be achieved with the aid of both natural and man-made systems.

Like all designers, a landscape architect must be creative, and have a flair for appreciating the natural environment. He must be patient and affluent in communicating his ideas to his client. Whilst being a team player, he also has to be able to work independently to meet tight deadlines. He will be in-charge of the on-site supervision to ensure that operations run according to order.

A landscape architect must possess knowledge in the various types of materials and be able to access the quality of workmanship presented to them. The client will rely on him to provide professional advice on the design of the development based on the design brief and a thorough site analysis.

A Master’s or Bachelors in Landscape Architecture or Diploma in Landscape Design/ Horticulture is required to enter into this field.