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Career Profile: Lighting Designer

This article talks about the career profile of the Lighting Designer. A lighting designer maximizes the potential of light to create effects to match the mood of a production. This profession is also known as Set Designer.

His job involves manipulating light to symbolize different times of the day, to evoke a certain mood, to plant focus on an object, to unify many objects, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

He works alongside the Director, Choreographer and Production Designer to conceptualize the most appropriate lighting that will ensure the success of the show. He has to study the production script and produce drawings and documentation of his concepts. Thereafter, he will be in-charge of the execution of the plan during the show.

A lighting designer must be creative and quick-witted to solve any problems that crops up during production.

He usually possesses at least a Diploma in Technical Theatre Arts, and/ or a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Technical Theatre Arts.