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Career Profile: Musician

The best jobs or careers are the ones that feels like one is having fun. What are regarded as hobbies for some are actually enjoyable careers for others. Music is one field where hobby and career can be inter-mixed.

A musician is basically a person who plays music expertly. There are many kinds of musicians. Each one is an expert in producing a certain type of sound that is pleasing to the hearing sense of Human Beings.

A Musical Instrumentalist is a type of musician that plays a musical instrument. This group of musician include the Pianist, Bassist, Drummer, Keyboardist, Harpist, Clarinetist and Guitarist.

There are traditional musical instruments as well as electronic type ones. The electronic musical instruments often consists of a user interface for controlling sound outputs. The most popular electronic instruments are synthesizers. Synthesizers can artificially produce sound using digital technology.

A Vocalist or Singer is also another kind of musician. However, in this case, the vocalist uses his or her voice as the instrument itself. Vocalists perform music known as songs. Songs can also be accompanied by musical instruments.

Whether, it be a Musical Instrumentalist or Vocalists, all musician have to be talented in their specific area of specialization.  More often than not, they must also be able to perform to a group of people or a live audience. The work also involves participating in the recording of their music or performance.