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Career Profile: Potter

This article talks about the career profile of the Potter. A Potter is a craftsperson. He creates aesthetic and functional objects using pottery.

Pottery is the making of ceramic wares such as porcelain and earthenware. There are various methods of pottery shaping. They are included in the list below:

1. The Potter wheel. This is basically a turn-table whereby the clay is place in the center. The turn-table rotates, allowing a symetrical object to be molded.

2. Handwork. The pottery is constructed by using the hand directly.

3. Slipcasting. Slipcasting uses an absorbent plaster mould to shape an object from clay.

A potter earns by selling his works to places such as:

1. Craft fairs

2. Museums and art galleries

3. Retail stores and boutiques.

To become a Potter, one must obtain relevant trainings from pottery course/s. Pottery courses can be found in many Art and Design institutes. However, many of the pottery courses are subsumed within full fledged Art degrees or diplomas that encompasses a lot more other subjects. For shorter courses, you may seek out local short courses or Summer schools such as Martin Homers.