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Career Profile: Sculptor

The profession of a Sculptor is artistic and creative-based with a strong inclination towards technical expertise. The work of a Sculptor is to create 3-dimensional works of art. A sculptor must be familiar with the materials, techniques and skills required for making these artworks.

He or she may need to work with materials such as concrete, ceramic, plaster, metal, wood or even stone. The creation of sculptures requires a combination of manual and tool-using techniques. Depending on the materials that he or she is working on, the sculptor may need to be able to perform tasks such as masonry, welding, carving, laminating, bending and cutting.

The qualities required for such as profession include:

1. being creative.

2. passionate about the arts.

3. strong conceptualization and visualisation skill.

4. strong model making skill.

A sculptor often has to undergo a course in the Fine Arts or Design. Sometimes, long-term on-the-job training is required.