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Career Profile: Sound Designer

This article talks about the career profile of the Sound Designer. Sound Designers craft and create what the audience hears in film, television and theatre productions. Their work may include creating music and other kinds of sound effects. Those cool and fantastic sound effects that we hear in movies are actually created by this talented group of people. Also, those cool 3D games on PC and XBoxes have the dramatic feel enhanced by sound tracks and effects conceived and created by sound designers too.

Sound Design is a creative profession. A sound designer must have a passion for music. Additionally, they must also be well-versed with sound-related technology. In a way, this profession demands a right balance of creative flair and technical competence.

Although not always the case, many sound designers have academic background in the Threatre Arts and/or Music Technology.

Below are some available Sound Design courses:

1. Diploma in Sound Design, Vancouver Film School.

2. Course in Music Synthesis, Berklee College of Music


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    Dear Rice,

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