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Career Profile: Technical Illustrator

This is the profile description of the Technical Illustrator job.

The work of a Technical Illustrator involves the drawing of technical subjects. He or she is employed to do Technical Illustration. What is technical illustration? It is the use of drawing and diagrams to visually communicate information in a technical manner.

In the past technical illustrations were created manually using drawing tools such as colouring pens and brushes. However, illustration software programs have replaced the role of the manual drawing tools. Today, a technical illustrator must be able to use the relevant tools and drawing software for creating drawings of technical subjects. Example of technical subjects are engines and exploded views of machineries.

Technical illustrators should have good artistic as well as technical skills. Although not always necessary, a technical illustrator wannabe should have the relevant qualification in design or technical illustration. He or she should have completed some technical illustration or graphic design related courses.

There might be some job overlaps between a draftsman and a technical illustrator. But basically a technical illustrator job is more about creating a visual representation of technical objects, whereas a draftsman’s work is in creating technical drawings for precise communication of design dimensions.