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Career Profile: Graphic Designer

The Career Profile of the Graphic Designer will be described in this article. There are many types of Graphic Designers. All types must have the visual sensitivity and flair. It is very hard to sustain as a graphic designer if the interest in design is lacking. More often than not, a Graphic Designer needs to be driven by the passion in his or her work and creations.

The types of Graphic Designer includes:

1. Interface Designer

2. Web Designer

3. Product Package Designer

4. Print-based Designer

An interesting feature of Graphic Design as a profession is that there is a constant demand for freelancers. And the best part is that, with the advent of technology and the internet, the freelance designer is no longer bounded to the physical proximity of his/her clients. Many businesses now engage freelancers through the internet.

The most common software tools used by a graphic designer is Photoshop. This is a software that almost every graphic designer must be familiar with. This tool is not cheap. However there are lowcost Photoshop alternatives such as Photoplus. Other leading tools includes Indesign, Illustrator, Pagemaker, Freehand and Flash.


  1. Sierra Sierra

    I have always wanted to become a graphic designer. My interests is in the arts and design.

  2. Tom Tom

    I disagree that photoshop is the most important, that’s for photo manipulation. Indesign or Quark are the programs you’ll use the most for layout followed by illustrator (vector and layout) and photoshop (image manipulation)

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