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Career Profile: Air Traffic Controller

What does an Air Traffic Controller do? Well, the job involves coordinating the flights of aircrafts. This is to prevent accidents and reduced delays in taking off and landing time.  Aircrafts need to have a safe distance separated from one another.  Air Traffic Controllers are also known as air controllers or flight controllers.

Some of these guys are air-route traffic controllers.  However, a significant number of Air Traffic Controller are Airport Traffic Controllers. These guys work inside the control towers of the airports. These control towers are usually situated near to the runways. Traffic controllers coordinate and give permissions for aircrafts to take off, land or taxi. This profession is often regarded as one of the most demanding jobs. The reason is not hard to see. It can be very stressful because of the high responsibility needed. Passenger safety are at stake. Many lives are involved as airlines carry large number of people. The airspace around airports can be very congested.

Many employers prefer to hired someone who already have experience in the aviation-related field. Once hired, an Air Traffic Controller will undergo extensive training. Training usually span several years. The job requirement often also requires good eye vision and good voice. Of course, given the high responsibility, one must be able to work under pressure as well.