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Career Profile: Commercial Pilot

The Career Information and Profile of the Commercial Pilot will be described in this article. A Commercial Pilot flies aircrafts. These aircrafts can be fixed wings or rotary wing machines. A large percentage of all pilots are commercial pilots.

Before taking off, the pilot has to do the followings:

1. Prepare flight plan.

2. Check for aircraft airworthiness.

3. Check that fuel and cargo are safely loaded.

4. Assess the weather condition.

Once in the air, many a aircraft flies itself using electronic automatic piloting. Being a pilot is many a young boys’ dream. Many pilots are being hired by airlines and major carriers of goods. For those flying in large jet airliners, they are usually part of a small team of pilots. Most airline pilots begin as copilot. Pilots not only operates aircraft, they may also have to supervise other aircraft crew members.

To be a pilot, one must hold a professional pilot’s license. There is also a minimum age limit for the license.


  1. Pilot wannabe Pilot wannabe


    Just wanna say thank you for the nice information on pilot job description.

  2. Actual Pilot Actual Pilot

    This information is very inaccurate. No one in Canada or the US starts their first job with an airline. It is like any other industry, just because you have the license does not at all mean you are worthy of employment. It takes most people 10 years of real world flying (no auto pilot) before any reasonable airline will even look at your resume…Getting an interview, that takes A LOT of luck and networking. And EVERYONE starts as a “Co-pilot”. Good luck!

  3. Actual Pilot Actual Pilot

    And another thing…. don’t expect to make any money for the first 12 years.

  4. Actual Pilot Actual Pilot

    The best advise I can give you is to stay away. Go to school for something that allows you to make enough money to buy a share in a single engine piston aircraft and fly it on the weekends. Trust me

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