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Career Profile: Helicopter Pilot

Jobs that defies the limits of human mobility often hold get interests. Helicopters allow human beings to cover great distances and demanding terrains with ease. As such the career of a helicopter pilot can projects an aura of intrique. 

This article describes the Helicopter Pilot Job profile. Helicopter pilot jobs are fairly uncommon. Helicopter pilots fly rotary winged aircrafts instead of fixed-winged ones. There is a saying that once a person embarks onto undertaking helicopter pilot jobs, he will not go back to flying fixed winged aircrafts. This suggests that there is a great job satisfaction in flying helicopters.

Like their counterparts who operates fixed-winged aircrafts, the helicopter pilot also have to perform similar roles such as airworthiness evaluation of helicopter and safety checks.

To be a Helicopter pilot, one must undergo the relevant training and obtain the required license. Helicopter pilots on the job must also regularly undergo physical examination to ensure that they are fit for flying. As pilots, they must comply with policies, regulations and procedures given by the Aviation Administration of their given country.

Helicopter pilot jobs also offer career advancement. These advancements are largely dependent on the experience and specialization of the pilots. Below listed are some of the possible helicopter pilot job specialisations:

  1. fire fighting support
  2. search and rescue (SAR)
  3. law enforcement
  4. offshore oil support
  5. aerial photography
  6. corporate transportation,
  7. News and media coverage
  8. geographical survey
  9. heavy-lifting

To become a pilot is not easy. Nevertheless, it can be one of the most rewarding job around.


  1. Alan Alan

    Helicopter pilot jobs are quite hard to come by. But it is certainly a very enriching and fulfilling one.

    The feeling of being up in the sky is just great.

  2. Ricky Ricky

    Anybody know…

    how do pilots say roger ?

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