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Career Profile: Securities Dealer

This is a career profile of Securities Dealer. Securities Dealer also known as Remisier

He or she buys and sells stocks and shares on behalf of the clientele who consists of personal investors and large organizations. A Securities Dealer provides professional advice to the clients on how they may reap the best profits from their investments.

A Securities Dealer must have a knack for numbers, a strong sense of integrity, good interpersonal skills and a keen interest in current affairs.

One must be at least 21 years old and possess a minimum of 4 O-level passes, a pass on the Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services Examination (Modules 1 and 6), a Capital Markets Services representative’s license to deal in securities issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, to enter this line.

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  1. Job seeker Job seeker

    I wonder are there any job training for Securities dealer.

    Are there any route of career advancement?

    Also, is the employment opportunities good?

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