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Career Profile: Makeup Artist

This article describes the career profile of the Makeup Artist.

A Makeup Artist beautifies, improves or alters people’s facial appearances. A makeup artist may have to understand fashion makeup and trends. He or she may also need to be skilled in using the airbrush for make up purposes. The job requires the skill to match color palettes to skin tones for the best appearance. A makeup artist is expected to be able to style hair as well.

Depending on situation, make up artist either work individually or within a group of people.

Most women, for at least once in their life time, will hire a makeup artist to doll up their face. This is usually the wedding day.

There are several places that a Makeup artist may be engaged or hired. These places are:

1. Magazine

2. Working with photographers

3. Theatre environment

4. Film and television

5. Beauty parlour and shops

6. Health spas.

7. Weddings

Kevyn Aucoin and Way Bandy are two examples of well-known make up artists. The make up requirements for different industries can be quite different. For example, the make-up works for actors for a monster or horror movie for the film industry will certainly be different for that of models for the fashion industry.

Places that offer Makeup artistry courses include:

1. Mediamakeup (Australia)

2. Greasepaint (UK)

Some practitioners of this trade maintain full-time jobs elsewhere but work as Makeup artists on a freelance basis.

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  1. Job seeker Job seeker

    I know a friend who is a Makeup Artist. They beautify women for their wedding too.

    Quite a nice job.

    Thanks for the article.

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