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Career Profile: 3D CAD Modeller

The Career Profile of the 3D CAD Modeller will be described in this article. A 3D CAD Modeller builds digital 3D models for a living. He must be first and foremost, an expert in computer graphics and 3D modelling software.

Like the programmer, a 3D modeller can be fuly self-taught. However, there are courses that cater to the training on specific 3D Software suite.

The 3D Modeller can be employed in the following industry:

1. Games creation

2. Film and Movie-making

3. Product Design

The requirement for each industry is slightly different. For example, a modeller for the Games Industry will need to create 3D models that are smaller in filesize than that of the Films and Product Design industries.

Depending on the industry, the popular 3D packages are as the following:

1. 3D StudioMax – mainly for the Games Industry

2. Maya – For Games and Movie-making

3. Softimage – For Games and Movie-making

3. Lightwave – For Games and Movie-making

This is not an exhaustive list of 3D package though.