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Career Profile: Game Designer

The virtual and digital world of computers will be more mundane and boring without them. Gaming is a part of modern youth culture.

This article talks about the career profile of the Game Designer. A Game Designer is also known as Game Developer. He works with a whole team of “gamers” to develop new games for both the local and foreign market. His job involves game strategizing, player psychology, game level design, 3 Dimensional graphics and beyond.

He has to lead and manage projects and participate with the industry in the pre- and post-productions of games and interactive media.

A Game Designer would possess knowledge in games design and animation, and most importantly have a strong passion for gaming. A very popular 3D software used for Games Design is 3D StudioMax. Knowledge of this program is helpful. Knowlledge of game engines are also important. Popular game engine include Unreal Engine and Unity.

He usually has a polytechnic diploma and/ or professional qualifications, relevant experience in game production, and a good track record in releasing at least one game title.

Some of the places and courses offering Game Design include:

1. Computer Game Design (Bachelor of Arts), San Francisco State University

2. Entertainment Technology Institute (Undergraduate/Graduate Studies), Carnegie-Mellon University

3. Interactive Entertainment Academy, University of Central Florida

4. Game Art & Design (Bachelor of Science Degree), The Art Institute of Pittsburgh


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