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Career Profile: Game Tester

Computer gamers as well as their console-based counterparts will be more buggy without them.

Computer and digital gaming is a huge industry. Playing digital games is such a common thing in this modern era. You see people play on their game console while travelling. You see them playing in the arcade centre. You see them playing at home.

In fact, as of this writing, it is larger than the movie industry. The prominent game companies are really serious about their game production. Before the games can be released to the general public, they have to be extensively tested by hired game testers.

This is the job information and profile for game tester.

The job of a game tester involves testing and evaluating video games so as to document bugs and software defects.

Although this sounds like a dream job, being a game tester can be gruelling.  Game software testing is a highly technical field that required the tester to endure long hours on the game. It is also highly technical in nature.

Job opportunities for Game Testers can be found in Game design companies.


  1. Ricky Ricky

    Game tester is the ideal job for me!!!

    Any career guide book on this job?

  2. Eric Holl Eric Holl

    This job is tough. It is not as easy and fun as it sound. You got to spend hours on the comp. At the end of it, you may even become sick of the game.

    BTW, this is a great career guide website.

  3. Adam Adam

    whats the salary for game testers?

  4. Kalene Kalene

    wow im doing this for a school project and it sounds really fun…

  5. Dk Dk

    lol i used to want to be a game tester, now after writing games… and knowing what work they have to do. Lets just say it’s worth paying them 😛

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