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Career Profile: Software Programmer

The Career Profile of the Software Programmer will be described in this article. A Software Programmer writes, tests and creates software. Contrary to popular beliefs, a programmer can be self taught, if he/she is very dedicated.

Often, a software programmer writes the programs in accordance to the specifications given to him/her. Depending on the structure of the organisation that he/she is working in, these specifications can be from the system analysts, engineer or directly from the client.

There are many different types of programming languages. Therefore a software programmer’s role and expertise can be very specific. The popular programming languages includes C, C++, Pascal and Basic. Some programs work on web-based applications as well. Yet others are more involved with Robotics. In any case, this is a highly technical career.

More often than not, a programmer specialises on just one or two particular languages.

As a programmer has to spent long hours in front of the computer, he or she can be prone to issues and stresses pertaining to eye sight and wrist.

Besides the traditional 9 to 5 jobs, a programmer may chose to earn from additional freelance projects. A good place to look for freelance job is