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Career Profile: Patissier

The Career Profile of the Patissier will be described in this article. A Patissier is a specialist chef who works in the baking and cold pastry kitchen environment of a hotel/ restaurant. Depending on the place, the Pastry Chef/Patissier Chef can also known be regarded as the Patissier. On the other hand, certain places makes a distinction between the Patissier and the Patissier Chef.

His job involves preparing hot and cold desserts, sweet sauces, cakes and pastries. He must be creative and willing to keep up with the changing trends to create new pastries to match his customer’s preferences. He also helps to hire, train and supervise key personnels in the kitchen.

He must have a good sense of taste and smell to be able to create pastries and desserts that sell well. He must also be physically strong as he will spend long hours on his feet, operating high-equipment as well as the conventional ovens, and food processors etc.

A patissier usually possesses a qualification related to or in Pastry and Baking/ Hotel Management line with basic foundation in pastry and baking.