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Career Profile: Sommelier

The Career Information and Profile of the Sommelier will be described in this article. The Sommelier delivers excellent wine service to enhance the dining pleasure of diners at restaurants.

He must first and foremost have a good grasp of wines, sparkling wines and spirits as well as the outlet’s wine list and house brands.

He shares basic wine knowledge with waiters and waitresses, advices guests on the wine that would best complement their food, serves wine at the right temperature in the correct manner, maintains wine serving equipment such as glasses and buckets, and ensures that the wines are stored at the correct temperature in their cellars.

A Sommelier is also known as the Wine Steward or Wine Waiter

He must have an interest in wines, spirits and liquor and an excellent sense of taste and smell to be able to identify the various types of wines.

A sommelier usually possesses a Certificate in Food and Beverage Operations or a Diploma in Hotel Management. With experience, he may be promoted to Assistant Restaurant Manager, or Master Sommelier.