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Career Profile: Dream Interpreter

Dreaming is a common occurrence. The job scope of the Dream Interpreter is as the implication of the name. He or she interprets dreams on behalf of the clients. This is a metaphysical and divination type career.

As a dream interpreter, one must have substantial experience in dream interpretation. A deep knowledge of psychology is also very useful for this profession.

Typically, the dream interpreter must have a good understanding of dream symbols and their potential meanings. The client will describe their dream and the interpreter is supposed to come up with possible interpretations.  He or she may need to do some information gathering by asking some questions from the client. From these data, a dream interpreter will need to produce an analysis report. There are several means that a dream interpreter may correspond with the client. If distance is a concern, the interpreter may communicate to the client via phone, email or internet means.

Interest-wise, a dream interpreter must have a passion for self-discovery. He or she must be intuitive and have a genuine interest in helping others.


  1. randy otto randy otto

    Do you have any information on training /courses to be a dream interperter ??

  2. Alan Alan

    There isn’t any that I can think of.

    But the relevant qualification in courses such as psychology may be of good use.

    What is important is good testimonials from clients.

  3. admin admin

    There is a free dream interpretation software that can get you started.

    It can be downloaded from:

  4. Dr. Bruce G Nash Sr. Dr. Bruce G Nash Sr.

    Greetings everyone,
    I have been in the this field for over 10 years. I do not claim to know everything there is to know about dream interpretation, but I have help many people sort out what their dreams really meant.

  5. Spencer Spencer

    what would be the salary you would recieve for interpreting dreams?

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