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Career Profile: Fengshui Geomancer

Fengshui is an ancient Chinese metaphysical science. It is the complex art of using astronomy, astrology and geography to bring about positiveness in one’s life experiences. The word Fengshui literally means “Wind Water” in Chinese.

A Fengshui Geomancer is a master in this metaphysical science and art. One of the Fengshui master’s tool is the Luopan. The work scope involves studying the metaphysical energies of particular houses, offices and locations. In Asia, Fengshui is well regarded. Many home residents and businessmen consult Fengshui masters for the improvement of their life.

Very often, a Fengshui master must also be able to understand and interpret the Bazi of the client. The Bazi means Eight Character in Chinese. It is a form of Chinese Astrology. By using Chinese Astrology and Geomancy, a Fengshui master will attempt to provide the clients with suggestion to improve his living environment and experiences.

Well-known personalities in this field include Lillian Too and Joey Yap. BothMasters are also authors who have written and published many books on the subject of Fengshui and Chinese Astrology.

Where can one study Fengshui to become a qualified practitioner? There are courses that conduct such studies. Most of them are in Asia. However, to be a good practitioner need years of experiences. Although not fully required, an understanding of the Chinese language may be helpful to learning Fengshui.